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    • Jackpot

      Let's talk a little bit about this top prize game so desired by slot machine lovers: Jackpot Casino! Also, we'll give you tips on how to win a jackpot at an Online Casino!

    • What is Jackpot?

      Jackpot is a very high cash prize offered by slot machines in physical and online Casinos, and even at card tables.

      Normally, the jackpot prize is accumulated and increases successively with each game played and not won by the players.

      The jackpot can also come from the direct collection of the commission charged by the game administration.

      It's like a game saving, attracting new players and retaining old players because of an extraordinary prize!

      Jackpot translation/jackpot meaning: the word comes from the expression “to hit the jackpot”, which means “take the big luck”.

    • How to win a Jackpot?

      One of the best slot machines strategies to maximize your winnings is to know when was the last time the game distributed the jackpot and how long it has been accumulated.

      The longer the accumulation time, the greater your chances of winning the prize, since a game that has recently awarded a player is still in the process of saving the money, and will not tend to give it away anytime soon.

      Another tip is to choose games that, in addition to offering an online jackpot, are quite famous among Casino players. This is because a game that is little known and little played tends to have a lower jackpot and take a long time for the value to accumulate until the prize is delivered.

    • Jackpot Types

      There are two types of jackpot games: fixed and progressive. Want to know a little about them?

      Fixed Jackpot

      In the fixed jackpot, the prize is predetermined and does not depend on the number of players who lost their bets on the slot. It's not the most common type of jackpot, and it's not the type of jackpot that makes millionaire prizes either.

      Progressive Jackpot

      This is the largest and most profitable jackpot in slot games! It is an accumulation of several unwon rounds and can offer millionaire prizes capable of changing the player's life!

      Within the progressive jackpot we can find three variants:


      This is when the slot machine is not interconnected with other machines. That is, there is no exponential accumulation of money. In this type of jackpot, the prize amount increases more slowly. The highest combination is the winner.


      That's when multiple slots connect to make the jackpot grow faster. This connection can happen between slot machines from several Casinos and offer millionaire prizes.

      Wide Area

      That's when the prize is the responsibility of the game's supplying company. These jackpot types offer million-dollar prizes. However, the minimum amount of bets on these games is usually higher than normal bets.

      Would you like to play fixed jackpot slots or play progressive jackpot? It's really worth knowing the games first, playing for free to understand the prize mechanism and make responsible bets, because slot machines are, in the end, a fun machine!

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