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    • Online Slot machine games

      Slot machines were once very popular in Brazil, but with the extinction of their physical versions, today we can count on their numerous online slot machine options. Let's get to know a little more about these fun games that can fatten your bank account?

    • What is Slot Machine?

      Slot machines are games that work through a pre-payment converted into credits for the rounds. With a good dose of luck, it is possible to hit the predicted combinations and win prizes, which are usually cash prizes and they can be millionaire amounts!

    • The history of the Slot Machine

      It is believed that the first slot machine was created in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt, who made a machine with five reels filled with playing cards. The goal was for the cards to form a Poker hand. The prize? Cigarettes and drinks at the bar they played.

      Later, in 1905, Charles Fey created a machine called "Liberty Bell" which had a tool that made the prize payments directly to the winner.

      In 1963, the first electromechanical slot machine was created, called “Money Honey”. The equipment consisted of three reels with symbols, a slot for coins and a lever for spinning.

      In the 1970s, the first video slot machine was installed at the Hilton Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Apparently fans didn't like to see their games in a video, and the machine didn't do as well as expected.

      The glory for slot machines came only in 1996, through the game “Reel’Em”, which had the famous bonus rounds as one of the prize options. When the bettor was presented with one of them, the screen changed completely - which made the player's interaction with the game much greater.

      The revolution was so great that, based on this game, others with the same reward mechanisms were developed, and slot machines became responsible for up to 70% of all Casino income.

      With the arrival of the internet and the technological explosion in the 90s, slot machine developers saw a great opportunity in creating online games, and history proves that this creation worked very well! Today, online Casino games are a true sensory experience, guaranteed to be a lot of fun and cash prizes that can change a person's life!

    • How to play Slot machines?

      There are several online Casino options, and first of all, you should choose a site with a lot of credibility to invest your money, like ours. Once your choice is made, register and go to the menu with slot game options at Bodog.

      Before playing at Bodog, you will need to choose your bet amount and make a deposit, which will allow you to play for cash prizes as well.

      There are online Casinos that allow the player to play just for fun, to get to know the game, with no need for a first payment.

      Bodog Casino offers the best Slots machines to play online. Check it out!

    • How to win at a Slot machine?

      There aren't many strategies for slot machine games, but you can consider a few things before choosing your game. For example, the RTP, which is nothing more than the rate of return to the player.

      The higher the RTP, the greater your chance of winning.

      Also check jackpot games and bet on them! Luck still remains the main factor in winning cash prizes at Casino Slots.

    • Slot machine symbols

      With all the online slot machines available on the internet, knowing their symbols is important for better gameplay.

      Symbols often unlock bonuses, give you more opportunities for a winning combination and increase your winnings! That's why it's very important to always know the main symbols of the game you choose. Access this information by always clicking on the game's options menu.

      Wild symbols

      Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols in slot games, increasing your chances of winning.

      Scatter Symbols

      Scatter symbols are typically a combination lined up from a certain direction on the reels that unlock various benefits for the player.

      Multiplier Symbols

      Symbols called multipliers, as the name implies, multiply winnings and can offer incredible profits!

      Free Spins Symbols

      Free spins are given for free after a certain combination on the cylinders.

      And there are other wild variations, multipliers, etc., which are always aimed at considerably increasing your payouts. Be sure to know the options available in the Slot game you choose!

    • How do online Slot machines work?

      Want to know how a slot machine works? It's not complicated to understand. The current way machines work has not been modified, but has been greatly developed. Today, the operation is completely digital, and the player operates the functions through the screen, having complete control of his balance in credits.

      The machines have a central programming that randomly generates combinations of symbols that may or may not be winning.

      Experts say that online slot machine games offer more chances of winning than physical machines. What are you waiting for to play Slots at Bodog?

    • Most popular Slot machines

      Halloween Slot machine

      Halloween themed slot games are extremely popular in Brazil. With illustrations and soundtracks that make the player feel involved by the theme, online Casinos offer a variety of halloween slot machines for you to choose your favorite and play online!

      They bring pumpkins, graves, witches, cauldrons, haunted houses, ghosts, skulls, potions… It's a real Halloween 365 days a year!

      Cleopatra Slot machine

      A Night with Cleo is one of the hottest online slots at Bodog! A curvy Cleopatra strip teases you for every winning round, and the climax of the game is when she goes topless! The more you earn, the more clothes she takes off.

      Wheel of Wishes

      Wheel of Wishes is an online slot machine that has attracted many fans. The game is set in the sands of a desert and the soundtrack is perfect for the theme. You can even imagine yourself riding on the back of a camel, with the blazing sun shining in the sky.

      Want to play slots now? Be part of Bodog Casino and discover all the hundreds of games to have fun online with the best Slots on the gaming market.

      At Bodog, making money while having fun is easy!

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